to a den for dedicated devourers of delicious delicacies!

A cove for capsaicin craving connoisseurs of condiments! A home for honest homers honoring our ancestors hearts. 


Fresh ideas, fresh ingredients, nostalgic themes, Hunger would like to share its saucy vision with the culinary world. Explore the site and see what you like!

Established in 2013, the brain child of Chefs David A Francis and Andres F Sandoval, Hunger provides sauces, rubs, and clothing inspired by the love of food, cooking, and being a smart ass.

in 2019 we moved from a hobby with a business license to a company with a plan and gusto.

2020 will mark the next leap for us with production so we can get into as many stores near you as we can.



Chef Dave Francis

Research & Development

Flavor mastermind, Dave's sauces are what started it all. Currently an Executive Chef

at Mahi's in Virginia Beach, he still finds time to develop new recipes and ingredients so we can provide you the best 

product we can deliver. 


Chef Dre Sandoval

Creative Director

Co-signer on everything, taste, flavor, designs, website editing and you name it.

Currently an Executive Chef at Mobjack Tavern in Gloucester, he's still able to coordinate company logistics, producing sauce and event and company growth planning.


Katie Sandoval

The Hot Sauce Lady

Director of Operations

She's the Hot Sauce Lady and all around badass. Wife to Chef Dre, has a day job, a personal business (it works!) and still finds the time to help with production, event planning, and run the markets. She gets the sauce to you!

Street Team, Hunger Fam,

& Restauranteurs

Hunger has a great team of friends, family and growing business partners that have helped push them forward. Check out the team on the Hunger Fam page.