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Restaurant Partner Charter

There is great thing happening, gentle folk are falling in love with flavor again.  after years of such commercial standards the gourmet food scene is rampant, new tastes await around every corner.

We love sharing our product with the community, and what better way to spread the word than to have Hunger on the table. whether you're a taco joint or BBQ smoke house, we can share the Table in a great way. Ditch the generic bottles and introduce our flavor packed offerings on your table and receive a special discount.

if A) our sauces are displayed on the table or caddies, and B) any sales of a case or more  are referred to Hungershop directly, then the following deal is granted: the first case per product, is buy one get one for free, once per location  and any subsequent reorder of each product will be 43% off. 

Visit our Contact Page to let us you know you want in!

Retail space arrangement

You want it. your customers want it, whether they know it or not.

As a growing company reaching out to other small vendors and grocers, we want to help with risk and enticement. 

products sell better with multiple offerings, drawing the eye to a refined label. on the other hand, purchasing full cases of a product not yet mainstream can be a gamble. With these facts in mind, we offer split cases of equally priced items so you can stock your shelves with awesome products at a lower risk.

wholesale cases are 43% off our

retail cost, as these are gourmet and

unique items. 

Visit our Contact Page to let us you know you want in!

Current Partners

Virginia Beach
Mahi's dbl tree
shadowlawn Eats

O.v. pier, Norfolk

Tobys doghouse
Charly's  A.port
W.burg winery
pitchers dbl tree

mobjack tavern, 

carrot tree, 


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