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Market Offerings

BBQ ~ no corn syrup, fresh ingredients, great marinades and dipping sauces

Bourbon Barrel BBQ
12 fl.oz
Tomato ~ Bourbon ~ Cocoa

An all around American All-Star! Rich, smooth, and well rounded, great for all bbq. Partial to NOVA style.

The B Geeze
12 fl.oz

Garlic ~ Ginger ~ Basil

Bright and vibrant, a fresh zing to almost anything. Grilling, salads, marinades and more!

Va Mountain BBQ
12 fl.oz
Charred Tomato ~ Cider Vinegar

Pulled bbqs' best friend. Great marinade, grilling, and dipping sauce. Vinegar Va style.

Hot ~ fresh ingredients, flavor first, vegan, unique combinations

Table Red Hot Sauce
5 fl.oz
Cayenne ~ Garlic ~ Thyme

This will replace your current go to, we promise. Three chilis three ways, just enough heat, packed with fresh flavor.

Golden Roots
5 fl.oz


Habanero ~ Carrot
Roasted Bell peppers

Smooth, sultry heat. Refreshing, really. An amazing way to brighten up any dish. Formally 24k.

Reaper Red Xtra Hot 
5 fl.oz
Reaper ~ Cayenne ~ Garlic

Our classic on the next level. Ever wonder what a Reaper pepper tastes like but all you usually taste is heat? You're welcome.

El Piño
5 fl.oz

Pineapple ~ Ginger 

Sweet, smokey, it'll have you dancing. Great for tacos and pizza, it's fresh and bright. 

Khok Fight
5 fl.oz

Fire Roasted Black Garlic Sriracha

Rich, with a depth of flavor like non other. Spice up everything with this Sriracha style sauce.

Dressings ~
organic purees, clover honey, fresh shallots & garlic, terrific Marinades

BO Poppy Vinaigrette
12 fl.oz
Blood Orange ~ Poppy seed
Sherry Vineger

Stay no more. Goes great with most everything.

12 fl.oz

Strawberry ~ Basil 
Balsamic Vinegar

Rich with a wonderful whiff if anise. A perfect sauce for salads and veggies,

Dry ~ unique seasoning blends, hand crafted with quality ingredients

rub & se
2 & 4 fl

​Tomato ~ Chipotle ~ Honey

BBQ squared. A Sweet and smoky sauce in powder form, with a kick!

rub & seasoning

2 & 4 fl

Citrus ~ Cilantro ~ Jalapeno

Caribbean inspired meal magic. Brighten up any dish, not too spicy, with a sweet hint.

Land Lubber Rubber
all purpose meat rub

2 & 4 fl.oz

Herbs ~ Spices ~ Black Garlic

A to Z, for anything that didn't swim! From Angus Prime Rib to Zero-fat Turkey. Great on veggies!!

Blackened Bay
VA seafood seasoning

2 & 4 fl.oz
Laurel ~ Paprika ~ Blk Garlic

The best of both worlds, our own version of crab seasoning and cajun spice combined. A local fave

Garlics Gone Wild
gourmet grinder
6 fl. oz

Garlics ~ fennel ~ basil

Seriously, Italian pizza crack. Once to start grinding you can't stop. If you like Garlic, here it is.

Colombian Xpress
gourmet grinder

6 fl. oz

Earthy Seeds ~ Herbs ~ Spices

Imagine being magically whisked away to the Sierra Nevada down the Amazon to the vibrant Sur America.

locals only spice blends
Cuban B ~ Island Spices and herbs
Embers ~ truffled hot sauce powder
Cinders ~ Black Garlic Xtra Hot Powder
Prince Hunig ~ Nashville Hot Honey Spice
Sweet Schwartzy ~ Maple Montreal Steak Spice
Winter Hunter ~ Mocha Juniper Rub
Chukulati Citron ~ Incan Spiced Cocoa
Berry Flowerful ~ Berries, Hibiscus, Basil
Coming soon...
KokoKuro ~ Black Garlic Soy Free Teriyaki
Mater Red ~ Spicy Ketchup
Axi Aji ~ Mango Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce
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