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Do you Like to eat? Do you enjoy flavor? Do you crave healthier options?
Then you've found the right place. 

Hunger is all about making eating easy, from light snacking to fun blown meal prep.
Cooking shouldn't be scary, it should be fun!
Bringing years of culinary training, and most importantly, critical eating to the table; Hunger strives to make every day filled with flavor and excitement for everyone. Our wide array of condiments are packed with fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and chef quality. Why cook a good meal, when you can share a great one. even with just yourself.



Chef David Francis

  • Research & Development

  • Head Chef

  • Founder

Flavor mastermind, Dave's sauces are what started it all. David has a lot of experience with food and has always had a great passion for flavor and uniqueness. Full of fun and imagination; Dave's ideas are authentic, researched, yet modern and fresh. Señor Francis is always on the lookout for new ideas for food and business, driving the products you love. He loves Bourbon, cinema, smoking meats (and sometimes cigars), and spending time with his girlfriend Nicole and 2 cats.


Chef Andres "Dre" Sandoval

  • Creative Director

  • General Manager

  • Founder

The other flavor wizard of the team, Dre, creates condiments and ideas alongside David, and provides a backboard for new inspirations. Product, website, and art design; company planning, logistics, media, and production are some of the many hats this man wears!

He loves his team, the thrill of entrepreneurship, and bringing great products to you! In his spare time, Dre loves video games, ganja, reading fantasy, playing guitar, and spending time with Katie and their 3 cats. 


Katie Sandoval
The Market Lady

  • Market Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Administrator

She's the Market Lady and all around badass. Wife to Chef Dre, she's been there since the beginning, when Hunger was just an alcohol fueled conversation. She makes sure all the production gets done and ready for our loyal consumers. State and local paperwork, event planning, running the markets, growing relationships, and handling online orders, Katie does a lot! She gets the sauce to you! She loves watching shows, video games, pasta, and hanging out with Dre and troop 1142, the cats.

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