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Quarantine status : Stir Crazy

Its been a couple weeks now, and the restlessness has added up. After a brief stint in the hospital (non Covid related) health and energy are starting to return, and I would like to start sharing what's been going on around here at the Jamestown Hungershop.

Waypoint temporally closed on the week of the 20th. We donated what we could, prepped and made bases that could be frozen, cleaned and inventoried for the remaining week. It was a surreal time, that hasn't really ended, but terms are coming. Before I was indisposed, here is the first account of what I cooked and did as the first hit of reality of this worldwide pandemic started hitting home.


Wild Onion & Prosciutto Hoe Cakes, with Colombian Sancocho Soup.

Believe it or not, all that wild onion grass in your yard is edible, a little on the tougher side, but hey, that's how civilization got started. Katie and I went and picked some of larger ones growing,

cleaned 'em up and grilled em off before added them to our recipes. We even pickled some for a later time.

Everyone loves corn muffins. I watched endless amounts of corn muffins go in and out of little tins, baking and setting reserved to fill a guest with sweet southern joy. I turned this left over corn batter mix, into wild onion and prosciutto hoe cakes, that was cooked over coals on my awesomely large cast iron skillet.

These cakes went perfectly with a delicious Colombian Suop, Sancocho. The style is indigenous to my Mothers place of origin, and is also generic name for a hearty broth based soup in Latin American cultures. I was able to utilize a lot of left overs to brig this concoction together.

  1. Pork, onions, and potatoes were diced and sautéed in olive oil with garlic until fats were rendered caramelization was beginning to occur. Meanwhile, veg scraps and herbs were being simmered for a broth that was strained, reserved, and pureed with fresh tomato and spinach. Although the spinach left the broth a little muddy it packed it full of nutrients and let nothing go to waste.

  2. This Broth was then added to the sautéed blend, deglazing the pan, and reading it for the next step. as the potatoes reached doneness, in went pre poached chicken, mushroom ragout, canned mushrooms and carrots, and a couple of cracked eggs. 5 more minutes and this soup was ready to serve! Finished with salt, pepper, couple drops of lemon juice, and of course, Table Red.

1st dinner complete!

Thanks for everything everyone does, stay safe, and we'll keep on keep oning.

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