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First week blues: wild onion part 2

We tried to kick it off right! Jacob came through with his pressure washer and we hit the roof for some spring cleaning. The roof would've looked nice for the Refi, but alas now is not the time. Universe you win again... all good, this quarantine time will allow us to catch up and readjust for another try in 6 months. Gotta stay positive! Lots of work on the site and store are being done, for our growing Hunger audience! We really appreciate everyone's support.


Currconut Salmon with Dave's test batch of Curry sauce over vegetable jasmine rice.

  1. Setting the oven to 350. Rubbed the salmon filets (graciously given by to me by Waypoint) with Currconut seasoning, lathering them with Dave's curry sauce. These filets then went onto a bed of wild onion greens on a half sheet tray on a silicone pad. The salmon was covered with more green onions, and drizzled with ghee and cracked black pepper.

  2. These bad boys baked for about 25 min, and reached an internal temperature of 140. Meanwhile the rice was boiled and and cooked, and added to a blend of sautéed onion, garlic and spinach, and tossed with Curry Sauce.


Wild Onion Salmon Complete! Our Currconut recipe is reminiscent of both Indian and Thai curries, blending the heavier spice elements with lighter herbaceous and sweeter notes. Both pungent and smooth, this flavor profile left our mouths watering for more.

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